Content Marketing

Hashify Digital Marketing agency offers a full range of content creation services from a social media content plan to photo and video content for a website. We take you through all the stages starting with understanding your business and what you want to gain from your content through to posting and distributing content in the most effective way to compliment your SEO activity. Your website, app or social media profiles is your chance to get in front of your audience and convince them to become your customer. This is why impressive and consistent content is so important.

What you present to your audience must be:

Engaging : 

Engaging your customer is crucial. If your audience finds themselves bored while interacting with your posts on any platform you have little to no chance of converting
them into bona fide customers. Our content creation services will ensure you have an immediate buy in from your users.

Clear : 

The strength in a clear message lies in making immediate sense to your customer. Customers who become confused by what you are trying to portray will immediately be turned off.

Persuasive : 

As mentioned earlier this is your opportunity to sell your product or service, through the use of eye-catching, well written and engaging content which will – if executed correctly trigger an emotional response in a customer making them purchase your product or service.

Presentation : 

A good looking website is not enough; your content should work alongside it and help you meet your business objectives.

We will create content that matches the personality of your organization through the tone of voice and language as well as imagery.

We offer content creation for: 

● Websites
● Social Media campaigns
● Email Marketing