Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

If you’re a regular search engine user, you’ll have noticed those results that come up at the very top of the page discreetly marked as ads. This is pay-per-click advertising in
action. When you search for something online, especially if it relates to a specific product or service, companies which offer those products can bid to appear in those
results. If they’re lucky, you’ll find their ad relevant, click through to their website, and make a purchase.

As the name implies, you pay each time someone clicks through to your site via an ad – whether or not they actually buy anything from you. With more than 3.5 billion searches conducted per day on Google alone, there’s an enormous amount of competition for the most-searched keywords.

This means that companies who don’t choose which keywords to bid on carefully and strategically can get burnt in a big way. In a nutshell, our PPC marketing service is
about considering all the data, all the competition, and focusing a campaign on the keywords that are going to bring in the most revenue for you.

Another way to look at PPC marketing is as ‘buying visitors’ to your website. Once they’re there, you hope you’ve done a good enough job at designing a compelling site
or landing page that they make a purchase, sign up to your email list, or leave a contact number, for example. If not, the money you’ve just spent on that click has been wasted.If your ads aren’t attracting visitors who are genuinely interested in what you have to say, again, you’re throwing money away. As one of the most trusted PPC companies in Hyderabad, it’s our job to make sure that doesn’t happen!

PPC is the acronym used for Pay Per Click, a common form of paid digital advertising. These adverts are commonly found on search engines and social media networks.

We have a simple focus for our PPC campaigns which in essence is delivering more conversions for less spend. Competition is fierce and PPC requires careful planning,
thorough research, keyword analysis and an understanding of the Quality Score Algorithm which Google Ad words uses. Above all however, it requires a considerable
amount of time from experienced people to execute a strategy correctly and manage it successfully.

Hashify will run paid advertising campaigns for the brands and wouldn’t dream of engaging with us if we didn’t know how to do it effectively.

Our Paid Search Services

Whether you require an end to end PPC strategy, optimization of your current account or just an initial setup then we can help. As a full-service PPC agency typically our offerings include:

PPC Set Up : 

Competitor Analysis

● Extensive keyword research
● Creating tightly relevant ad groups
● Geo-Targeting
● Creating and optimizing landing pages for conversions
● Analytics configuration

Campaign Management Services

● Keyword optimization
● Ongoing bid management
● A/B testing
● Monthly report and recommendations

Using our depth of experience within a wide range of sectors and a sound understanding of your business, our PPC experts will create a campaign that delivers
results – giving you a reliable source of traffic to build your online profile.

We can provide PPC campaigns on a variety of platforms including:

● Google Ad words (search, display, YouTube & more)
● Facebook
● Twitter
● LinkedIn


Whilst PPC is particularly good for driving traffic to specific pages on a website, Remarketing is used not to drive traffic, but to increase conversions.

Remarketing is the process of targeting visitors to your website who have not converted.Around 96% of people who visit a website leave without completing the action you
require them to take, remarketing provides a second chance with these people.

We can create and implement these campaigns on the Google display network and Facebook and ensure wherever your visitors go your advertisement magically follows.

Our design team would create engaging creative work for the remarketing campaign to entice users to click through and engage with your brand once again.